HealthManagement, Volume 16 - Issue 4, 2016


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As the world’s largest representative body for senior healthcare executives, the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) has a big responsibility in advancing the healthcare enterprise. Modern communication is key in sharing best practices, gathering new ideas and interacting with other disciplines.


The EAHM has selected as our exclusive media partner and I was entrusted to chair the set up committee of a fourth editorial board for Executive Management. EAHM has a lot to offer and will actively engage in shaping the future of healthcare with the help of This board will perfectly complement the three already existing boards - namely Imaging, Cardiology and Healthcare IT.


We feel that the multidimensional approach, using all different media offerings in a concerted interaction, is not only the most advanced in the market, but ensures as well by far the best reach to our members and beyond.


In this issue of we introduce the new Cardiology Editor-in-Chief, Tienush Rassaf, who shares views on cardiology and leadership.


One of the areas that the EAH M is actively promoting is cross-border care in Europe, the cover story theme of this journal. It includes the interesting overview of the Active Citizenship Network on the benefits of the EU cross-border patient rights.


Technology is centre stage as Valentin Sinitsyn and Mei Wa Kwong take a look at the strengths and pitfalls of telemedicine from two differing country viewpoints. But breaking borders is also achieved with Chatbot technology or with Humanity as seen in Rambam Health Care in Israel.


Exciting developments are happening in imaging for breast cancer prevention and treatment. Prof. Gabor Forrai, President of the European Society of Breast Imaging gives us the state-of the art overview.


This edition gives as well interesting tips in Management Matters with the growing problem of physician burnout, the tragic consequences of exhaustion and stress and different ways we can be made aware of and remedy. It covers as well the administrative burden, importance of culture and leadership vision as well as the road ahead for value-based healthcare.


Finally, valued contributors, both past and present, offer their ideas about what is going to be making news in the healthcare sector in 2017.


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Klaus Koller