• Nikolaus Koller

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    Email —  ******@***lkh-bruck.at
    EAHM - European Association of Hospital Managers Board Member and President of the Editorial Committee
    IHF - International Hospital Federation Governing Council Members
    HOPE - European Hospital and Healthcare Federation Governor
    BUKO - Association of Austrian Hospital Managers President

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  • Healthcare Without Borders

    • 13/11/2016

    Dear Reader,   As the world’s largest representative body for senior healthcare executives, the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) has a big responsibility in advancing the healthcare enterprise. Modern communication is key in sharing best practices, gathering new ideas and interacting with other disciplines.   The EAHM has selected HealthManagement.org as our exclusive media pa

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    Zoom On: Mr Nikolaus Koller - President of the Editorial Board, (E)Hospital

    Mr Nikolaus Koller, MAS, MBA, who graduated in Hospital Business Administration, is the Hospital Manager of the State Hospital of Bruck/Mur and President, Federal Conference of the Austrian Hospital...

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