Building Efficient Workflows With Enterprise Imaging

Building Efficient Workflows With Enterprise Imaging
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Enterprise Imaging is an efficient solution that helps radiology departments build workflows around core processes. The technology offers opportunities for information exchange, productivity, collaboration, education and teleworking.

Multidisciplinary collaboration workflows bring remote care teams together and enable them to make informed decisions for improved patient care. This collaboration is facilitated through interactive conferences, tumour boards, clinical discussions, and other virtual sessions and meets, which can be conducted anywhere, anytime and on any digital device. Images can be exchanged, reviewed and discussed through virtual collaboration tools and instant messaging.

Enterprise Imaging offers a rules-based workflow engine that allows clinicians to organise, automate and prioritise their tasks. This allows tasks to be completed on time and to progress smoothly from image generation to report distribution. Tasks are neither duplicated nor lost, and task lists are automatically refreshed and displayed as per their priority level.

With Enterprise Imaging, users can utilise peer review workflows that not only facilitate learning but also improve the reading quality. Workflows can be configured to add reviews, list follow-up actions and provide autonomous feedback. All this is done while ensuring patient, and user information are all completely anonymous and confidential. The peer-review workflows are ideal for supporting and developing a culture of learning and teamwork.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, imaging needs have increased quite dramatically. Radiology departments are overloaded with work and are under pressure to provide results as fast as possible. Enterprise Imaging provides radiology departments with the ability to share reading tasks and improve their workflows by making the entire process more efficient and by allowing different sites and different radiologists to work together. This makes the workload more balanced, and tasks can be easily assigned based on availability and expertise.

Images can be shared quickly and easily to networks outside the organisation by using a patient-centric Federated Image Network. This allows data sharing without any need to upload or download or use CDs or expensive data migration between PACS systems.

Overall, Enterprise Imaging fulfills the need of the day: to make processes efficient, to streamline tasks efficiently and to ensure the work gets done as quickly as possible. Utilising the different workflows offered by Enterprise Imaging can help radiology departments improve their productivity, quality and speed.

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Published on : Sun, 7 Feb 2021

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