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Enterprise Imaging

2021 07 Feb

Enterprise Imaging is an efficient solution that helps radiology departments build workflows around core processes. The technology offers opportunities for information exchange, productivity, collaboration, education and teleworking. Multidisciplinary collaboration workflows bring remote care teams together and enable them to make informed decisions...Read more

Health Management

2020 28 Sep

COVID-19 continues to present new challenges to healthcare providers. As a leading healthcare IT partner, Agfa HealthCare is committed to supporting its clients during the COVID-19 crisis. Health spoke to Bob Craske, the Department Solutions Marketing Director for Agfa HealthCare to discuss Agfa’s newest Enterprise Imaging platform...Read more

Executive Health Management

2020 15 May

The 20th century was characterised by the intensive development of technologies and their application in different fields. Distance education is one of the best and prominent examples of technology transfer and information sharing. It enables the creation and usage of digital content to inform and train people as well as usage of tools (ie,...Read more

IT Management

2020 23 Mar

The advent of cloud computing, combined with the availability of digital and communications tools, has allowed more healthcare-related tasks to be done remotely. Appointment scheduling, patient assessment and triage, record keeping, and medical research are some of the things remote staff can handle, provided such work arrangements are carefully...Read more