Over the years, there has been significant technological advancement in the healthcare industry. However, for many healthcare systems, this advancement in technology is not accompanied by advancements in IT interoperability and security. This has resulted in inefficiencies across the system that prevent optimum utilisation of resources, which, in effect, affects the quality and delivery of patient care.


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Health systems have been unable to fully utilise the benefits of clinical data. This is because of a lack of harmony which platforms like Agfa's Enterprise Imaging (EI) can help overcome. Agfa's EI platform is a single database, combined with a simple methodology to analyse the data to describe patient, study and results. Enterprise Imaging offers a platform that can help reduce resource redundancy in IT and improve data governance, accessibility and security.


Enterprise Imaging allows access to data through a reduced number of systems. This improves overall workflow and productivity as well as improves security. The goal is to streamline the process and make it simpler so that organisations can focus on security analysis and measures.


At present, healthcare systems often have to deal with multiple IT systems that each speak their own language and do not allow users to filter the information that is most relevant, and that could provide the most impact. This lack of interoperability slows down workflows and processes. IT systems are mainly designed to reduce complexities, but if not implemented properly, these devices, platforms and processes can increase, rather than decrease complexity.


Enterprise Imaging solves this problem. It allows different systems to work together and provide clinicians with the information they need a tithe time they need. It puts the focus on value-creating activities by performing the same tasks with fewer systems. This allows staff to shift their focus from time-consuming, administrative processes and dedicate their efforts on activities that could benefit patients.


Change is always difficult to implement and accept. In the healthcare industry, in particular, change management is generally initiated at the department level. But with Agfa's EI platform, companies can enable enterprise-wide change, and CIOs can create institutional transformation. This makes the process more successful and more efficient, enabling the healthcare system to grow and to provide better quality care to patients.


The goal is to elevate the ability of healthcare providers to deliver quality care. This platform allows that to happen by eliminating unnecessary costs and risky inefficiencies and by creating harmony across all the systems within an organisation.

Source: Interview - Charles Morris

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