HealthManagement, Volume 23 - Issue 1, 2023

AI & Robotics – Implementation and Pitfalls

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Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are now being used everywhere in healthcare, whether its robotic surgery, genetic testing, data collection, cancer research or more. However, healthcare is still in an evolutionary stage when it comes to AI and Robotics and is in the process of testing and experimentation to assess whether and how this technology can become an integral part of the future of health care. Both these technologies are believed to have the power to transform many aspects of healthcare as long as they are used effectively and efficiently. 

In this issue, our contributors discuss Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and how it is changing the landscape of healthcare and quickly becoming an essential part of the healthcare ecosystem.They try and shed light on the transformation and the application of AI and Robotics in healthcare and how it will affect our day to day operations and how its effective use could potentially benefit both patients and clinicians.


Raffaele Ascione and co-authors talk about‏ radiomics in cardiovascular imaging and how it may‏ lead to personalised management and treatment of‏ cardiovascular diseases. Geraldine McGinty discusses‏ the concept of integrative diagnostics as the pathway‏ to more patient-centred care with improved outcomes‏ and highlights the need to overcome hurdles in its‏ implementation to achieve its true potential.


András Vargha explores what we have learnt from‏ AI development and whether it can be a source of‏ feedback in the daily routines of clinicians, radiologists‏ and other stakeholders.


Peter Mildenberger highlights why radiologists need‏ to care about IT standards and interoperability as‏ radiology facilities are often completely digitised and the‏ ability to use a wide variety of systems efficiently is very‏ important. Elizabeth Cocklin and co-authors explore the‏ use of artificial intelligence in screening and showcase‏ its benefits, challenges and impact on patient pathways.‏


Steven Lieber, Editor-in-Chief IT, discusses the‏ importance of using digital tools in healthcare to‏ rebound from the pandemic and address issues such‏ as infrastructure, security, administrative/supply chain, analytics/data management, innovation and other‏ clinical and business areas.


Antonio Cirino discusses the important task of‏ managing hospital communication as it is a critical factor‏ for implementing a strategic vision in hospitals. Danny‏ Havenith discusses healthcare procurement in 2023 and‏ the need to professionalise it by giving decision makers‏ the tools to bring objective, patient-centred and costoriented‏ value to healthcare.


Francesca Colombo and co-authors glance back at‏ 2022 and examine key challenges European countries‏ must address to develop more resilient health systems‏ following the COVID-19 pandemic. Jens Declerck and‏ co-authors talk about the complexity of health data and‏ discuss the importance of data quality for effective use‏ and application.


Christodoulos Papadopulos discusses the paradigm‏ of cyber resilience as a long-term defense strategy‏ against cyberattacks and how it can lead organisations‏ through challenging circumstances and quick recovery.‏ Rita Veloso talks about women leadership in healthcare‏ and addresses the important issue of the glass ceiling‏ which still exists and is a consistent invisible barrier‏ that prevents women from reaching the top positions in‏ healthcare.


Inga Shugalo talks about population health‏ management software and how it can be used to‏ improve healthcare services for different groups‏ of people. Mario Damas talks about public-private‏ collaboration and the importance of incorporating‏ innovative procedures in contracting to achieve better‏ solutions for the needs of citizens in management,‏ technology and health.


We hope you will enjoy this issue. As always, your‏ feedback is welcome.

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robotics, AI Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are now being used everywhere in healthcare, whether its robotic surgery, genetic testing, data collection, cancer re...

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