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Health Management

AI & Robotics – Implementation and Pitfalls

2023 28 Feb

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are now being used everywhere in healthcare, whether its robotic surgery, genetic testing, data collection, cancer research or more. However, healthcare is still in an evolutionary stage when it comes to AI and Robotics and is in the process of testing and experimentation to assess whether and how this technology... Read more

IMAGING Management

ESIR course: Reliability in Percutaneous Tumour Ablation

2022 15 Dec

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Executive Health Management

Bionik Laboratories Appoints Richard Russo, Jr. as CEO and Dan Gonsalves as CFO

2022 13 Oct

Company continues to ramp up its recently announced growth strategy featuring ‘Centers of Excellence’ for Neuro-Recovery Care to broaden access to robotic rehabilitation Bionik Laboratories Corp ., a robotics company providing neurological functional recovery solutions to stroke survivors and others with functional and mobility challenges... Read more

IT Management

New Navigation System to Guide Robots in Emergency Rooms

2021 14 May

Emergency departments (ED) can be crowded, busy, face-paced spaces manned by healthcare workers (HWC) who are overworked and often under stress. Robots have been used in some clinical settings to help lessen the burden of HCWs, by engaging in non-value added tasks, such as material delivery and patient triage, as well as and providing support to patients... Read more

Health Management

Robots in Healthcare: Challenges of Integration

2021 26 Apr

With his main research belonging to marketing domain, Prof González-Jiménez’s academic interest in the last few years has expanded to applications of robotics in different sectors including healthcare. He talks with about the ‘human’ dimension of the robotics deployment in healthcare setting, covering issues such as perception... Read more

IT Management

IntelliSys 2021

2021 02 Sep

IntelliSys 2021 has been moved to a fully virtual conference.. Read more

Health Management

Cover Story: Patient Transformers

2020 22 Oct

Today’s patient is armed, informed and fully engaged in their care delivery. How does this abundance of knowledge change hospital systems and care delivery? How much is the patient already a care consumer with choices - and is there such a thing as too much choice? What innovative ideas is the market offering to face these challenges?... Read more

IT Management

Technology Can Make Endoscopy Safer

2020 14 Oct

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most common malignancy globally, yet more than half of cases are diagnosed late because of excess demand for colonoscopy, the current gold standard for screening. However, a combination of new technologies, such as robotics and computer vision, can help in improving the situation, a new study shows.  ... Read more