The Canadian government has said a ‘doomsday’ scenario where automation would make half of Canadian jobs redundant as ‘overstated’.


However, top government officials have said that there could be challenges in some parts of the economy following a briefing last summer that, over the next 15 to 20 years, 11% of jobs in Canada could be automated with an additional 29% "likely to change significantly."


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The briefing reports were part of government-endorsed research into the impact of automation on the future workforce.


In the forecast, government officials said automation will likely have a serious impact in rural towns depending on manufacturing. However, details on where the effects of automation will be felt most keenly and the speed at which they will arrive remains sketchy.


Further research has highlighted that many Canadian adults do not have rudimentary digital skills necessary for on-going automation in the workplace. The government is planning to address this with training schemes.



Source: CBC
Image credit: iStock

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