• François Ventura

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    Email —  ******@***hcuge.ch
    Senior Intensive Care Physician Service de Médecine Intensive Hirslanden Clinique des Grangettes Geneva, Switzerland
    Senior Consultant Anesthesiologist Service d’Anesthésie Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève Geneva, Switzerland
    Chief Medical Officer Abionic SA Epalinges, Switzerland

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  • Applying International Sepsis Guidelines by Screening High-Risk Hospit

    • 13/10/2023

    Hospital and ICU nosocomial sepsis screening for acutely ill and high-risk patients and daily measurement of PSP to diagnose nosocomial sepsis three to five days before the onset of symptoms.     Introduction Sepsis is a major public health threat and is responsible for 11 million deaths per year (Rudd et al. 2020) among 48.9 million cases. Sepsis and septic shock can be prevented if

  • Sepsis Diagnosis: Pancreatic Stone Protein in Adults, Children, and Ne

    • 13/03/2023

    Based on the concepts and the checklist criteria for an ideal sepsis biomarker presented in the article Sepsis Diagnosis: Clinical signs, Scores, and Biomarkers in this issue of ICU Management & Practice , we update and review the potential use of Pancreatic Stone Protein (PSP) in adults, children, and neonates.     Pancreatic Stone Protein in Adults   First descr

  • Sepsis Diagnosis: Clinical Signs, Scores, and Biomarkers

    • 13/03/2023

    Abstract     Sepsis and antimicrobial resistance are two major public health problems . Sepsis is defined as a dysregulated response of the body to a bacterial infection with organ dysfunction . The 2021 Surviving Sepsis Campaign SSC guidelines proposed characterising the infection based on clinical assessment and the dysregulated host response using clinical scores. In childre

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    AMR Dilemma: To Give or Not to Give Antibiotics

    The two primary reasons for using antibiotics are treating and preventing bacterial infections. However, a leading cause of the overuse of antibiotics is the misdiagnosis of sepsis. Early and accurat

  • Pancreatic Stone Protein Biomarker for Sepsis, Antimicrobial Resistanc

    • 14/10/2022

    The problem of antimicrobial resistance and the use of a clinical decision score and point-of-care testing biomarkers, such as CRP and PSP, to help solve this problem.  Introduction  Infectious diseases are a public health issue around the world, with bacterial, viral, parasitic, or fungal-related diseases responsible for 26% of mortality worldwide, and the remaining 74% attributed to

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