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IT Management

HIT leaders work out strategies for value-based care

2017 04 Oct

The focus on value-based healthcare has spawned some strategic IT challenges, including the need to improve data management for reporting and analytics requirements. Take for example the case of Orlando Health, an eight-hospital health system based in Orlando, Florida, which joined the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2013. The health system... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lean Management Supplements Value-based Care

2017 20 Jun

Patient-centred care is at the heart of the value-based system. But relying on value-based care alone to improve quality and outcomes may not be enough, especially amidst uncertainty brought about by regulatory and political changes. With the transition moving at an “uncertain tempo,” this leaves healthcare organisations with a mix of value-based payment... Read more

Executive Health Management

Value-based Payment Programmes That Work

2017 25 Apr

  The shift towards value-based care is expected to continue despite uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform under the Trump administration. In a value-based model, physicians are compensated based on performance on standard measures of quality, efficiency, and patient outcomes.   Current value-based payment models need to generate more consistent... Read more

Executive Health Management

3 Top Tips for EXECS from Key Opinion Leaders

2017 14 Mar

1.      Encourage Shared Decision-Making Shared decision-making between members of an emergency department team, including input from the patient, is key to delivering an accurate diagnosis as well as high quality treatment and care. “When teams share mental models of a situation and communicate effectively, they can be collectively vigilant, observant,... Read more

IMAGING Management

Teaching Communication Skills to Radiology Residents

2017 24 Jan

Communication skills are essential core competencies that have been associated with improved health outcomes and enhanced satisfaction with care. According to researchers, a communication skills workshop using the experiential learning approach was helpful in improving radiology residents' ability to communicate effectively and resolve conflict in the... Read more

Health Management

Value-Based Healthcare Revolution Ahead

2016 13 Nov

  Tremendous progress has been made over the last forty years due to the second healthcare revolution, with the first healthcare revolution having been the public health revolution of the nineteenth century.   Hip replacement, transplantation and chemotherapy are examples of t he second, high-tech revolution funded by increased investment and, in the last... Read more

Executive Health Management

Real Cost of Value-Based Care

2016 13 Sep

Three designated outcomes saw significant improvements following implementation of an analytic tool that allocates clinical care costs and quality measures to individual patient encounters according to a study appearing in JAMA.   The three outcomes were total joint replacement, laboratory testing among medical inpatients and sepsis management.   Fee-for-service... Read more

Executive Health Management

Further 2016

2016 03 Jun

further 2016, Valence Health’s fourth annual industry conference dedicated to exploring strategic and operational issues of value-based care and reimbursement models. From clinical integration, to shared risk, to provider-sponsored health plans, further 2016 will explore all aspects of value-based care and risk-based contracting. Designed exclusively... Read more

Health Management

Radiology in the Care Continuum

2016 27 Feb

Where do you see radiology’s place in the care continuum? I see radiologists as fundamental and integral to the care continuum. Traditionally, rounds ended in the radiology department. There was a sense that you had not completed the task of evaluating the patient without bringing the radiologist into the conversation. We need to return to that. Recently I... Read more