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Executive Health Management

UNC Collaboration on Halting Violence Against Clinicians in China

2016 23 Aug

This spring, retired Director of Oral Health at Guangdong General Hospital in China, Chen Zhongwei, was attacked and killed by a patient he treated more 20 years earlier. The patient had claimed he was entitled to compensation for a discoloured tooth. He followed the dentist home and stabbed him over 30 times. Sadly, this story is not an uncommon one... Read more

IMAGING Management

Conflict Costs: A New Approach to Avoidance

2015 01 Jun

Conflict is inevitable in any activity and can entail massive costs. It results in lost productivity and collaboration, and in healthcare, it results in worsened patient outcomes. A report, entitled "Understanding the Cost of Conflict and an Approach to Conflict-Management Design" and published in Journal of the American College of Radiology, discusses... Read more

IT Management

Strengthening Public Trust in Data Sharing

2015 15 Feb

Biobanks are made all the more valuable when the biological samples they hold can be linked to health information collected in research, electronic health records (EHR), or public health practice. Such data linkages, however, have raised concerns about patient privacy and data security. Incidentally, public trust in systems that share health information... Read more