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2020 15 May

DUE TO COVID-19 CONCERNS THE MIIT 2020 WILL BE HOSTED AS VIRTUAL MEETING Find Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology (MIIT) on Social Media  Read more

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2019 19 Nov

Increasing use of artificial intelligence in radiology maybe beneficial in terms of workflow efficiency, but AI seems to dissuade medical students from choosing imaging as their speciality.   A survey study, carried out by Swiss researchers, indicates that medical trainees regard AI as a potential threat to diagnostic radiology, making...Read more

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2019 28 May

Teleradiology and artificial intelligence (AI) can work hand-in-hand and align their respective potential to greatly impact healthcare delivery. The exponential development of high-speed telecommunications networks have opened the way for vast amounts of data to be transferred across the globe instantly. This provided the grounds for the emergence...Read more

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2018 06 Jun

Syria's healthcare system is also a victim of the ongoing conflict in this Western Asian country. Amidst reports of selective targeting of medical facilities and personnel, the World Health Organization issued alarming statements regarding such attacks on healthcare facilities and providers throughout the country reaching a critical level of emergency....Read more

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2018 04 May

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2017 02 Nov

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company  Sectra  enters into a partnership with Medical One Corporation, a leading provider of medical equipment in the Philippines. Through this distribution agreement, the Philippines healthcare market will gain access to efficient and patient-centered care with Sectra’s solutions.   “Healthcare...Read more

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2017 28 Apr

Find Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology (MIIT) on Social Media    Read more

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2017 03 Feb

The British Institute of Radiology (BIR) welcomes the second edition of the “ Standards for provision of teleradiology within the United Kingdom ” released in December 2016 by The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR). The standards update the guidance previously issued by the RCR in 2010.   With the current shortage of radiologists teleradiology...Read more

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2016 15 Sep

TeraRecon, ( ), a leader in advanced visualization and enterprise medical image viewing solutions, has been selected by MEDICA, the UK’s largest teleradiology group, for advanced visualization and reporting. MEDICA provides remote, overnight, urgent, and specialty review and reporting, producing over 1.5 Million reports per year, has...Read more

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2015 30 Jun

VNA will consolidate radiology results from multiple sites, while XERO Viewer integrated with the EMR will make them accessible across the Moscow health infrastructure.  Solution will cover 63 sites with over 110 imaging modalities. This is the first multisite imaging IT solution in Russia delivered as a managed service. Agfa HealthCare...Read more

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2015 08 Oct

MIR is a subcommittee of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) which focuses on all aspects on professional issues in today’s Radiological practice, including Communication, Teleradiology and eHealth, Human Resource, Management, Patient Safety, Service Innovation, Economical issues etc. The conference will take place in the lively city of Barcelona...Read more