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Application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

2022 08 Jul

Artificial Intelligence is believed to lead the process of digitalisation and transformation in healthcare. How can healthcare organisations prepare for this change? What opportunities does AI offer for the healthcare sector? Which AI-based radiology tools are expected to make a difference? spoke to Sourabh Pagaria,  Executive... Read more

Health Management

Innovative Technologies Will Address Health System Challenges

2022 08 Jul

Innovation is the fuel for any improvement in society because technology always pushes back limitations. Thales envisions to build on its advanced expertise to meet the healthcare challenges of tomorrow. Bringing performant secure healthcare access to anyone, anywhere, will overcome critical medical issues. New Challenges After the pandemic... Read more

Health Management

Volume 21 - Issue 1, 2021

2021 15 Feb

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Health Management

Crossing the Rubicon to a Digitally Enabled Medical Care

2020 03 Aug

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a catalyst for healthcare to embrace digital care. Affidea Group is already on this path and has outlined four priority areas to ensure the best possible care delivery for patients, doctors and providers. Key Points Due to the need of minimal physical contact, the pandemic accelerated the healthcare’s transition... Read more

Health Management

COVID-19 - Present and Future Effect on Radiologist Training?

2020 23 Jun

The effects of COVID-19 have been manifold but one of the areas which has seen destabilising implications is the training of radiologists. The immediate effects of the coronavirus pandemic have been precipitous and manifold. The longer term consequences promise to be persistent and profound. Its range of disruption is obvious with... Read more

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MIIT-Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology 2020

2020 15 May

DUE TO COVID-19 CONCERNS THE MIIT 2020 WILL BE HOSTED AS VIRTUAL MEETING Find Medical Imaging Informatics and Teleradiology (MIIT) on Social Media  Read more

IMAGING Management

Fear of AI Dissuading Students from Specialising in Radiology

2019 19 Nov

Increasing use of artificial intelligence in radiology maybe beneficial in terms of workflow efficiency, but AI seems to dissuade medical students from choosing imaging as their speciality.   A survey study, carried out by Swiss researchers, indicates that medical trainees regard AI as a potential threat to diagnostic radiology, making... Read more

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AI and teleradiology impact healthcare

2019 28 May

Teleradiology and artificial intelligence (AI) can work hand-in-hand and align their respective potential to greatly impact healthcare delivery. The exponential development of high-speed telecommunications networks have opened the way for vast amounts of data to be transferred across the globe instantly. This provided the grounds for the emergence... Read more

Executive Health Management

Can Blockchain support advances in radiology?

2019 21 Jan

In 2019 we will embrace Blockchain and innovation as necessary support for the healthcare of our time. Blockchain can influence the design and implementation of new models by refining data security; provide more robust audit trail mechanisms required, eliminate medical imaging acquisitions repetition, reduce transaction costs, while allowing... Read more