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Executive Health Management

Evaluation of the Microbial Tightness of the Safeflow Valve - A Closed System Transfer Device

2019 08 Aug

In vitro study validating the microbial barrier function by means of airborne and touch contamination Juergen Gebel, Sapuna Kuriakose, Barbara Griiter, Martin Exner; University of Bonn Hospital, Institute for Hygiene and Public Health, Germany BACKGROUND Nosocomial infections pose a major problem in the healthcare system because... Read more

Lab Management

"Junk" Blood Tests Have Value

2014 11 Sep

There is no doubt that blood culture isolates are the cornerstone of adequate antibiotic treatment but it is a fact that many blood cultures are contaminated with bacteria residing on the skin. The most common of these contaminants are coagulase-negative staphylococci (CoNS). Contaminated cultures are generally discarded and disregarded,... Read more