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Executive Health Management

Truth Hurts - but Won't Kill

2016 05 Jan

No organisation is perfect and even the "best" managers can make bad decisions that may make it difficult for employees to do their work — resulting in poor customer service or a low-quality product. So how do employees explain the problem to the bosses without offending (or angering) them?"Telling truth to power is challenging when your livelihood... Read more

Executive Health Management

Best Practices for High Patient Ratings

2015 13 Aug

A Johns Hopkins study finds that simple, low-tech practices can make a big difference in improving patient ratings for hospitals. The findings have been published in the journal Medical Care. Some of the key findings of the study include:* Hospitals can improve patient experience by ensuring they do simple things like ongoing rounds by nurses and hospital... Read more

IT Management

Hospitals’ Facebook Ratings Reflect Care Quality

2015 18 Mar

A study which assessed the relationship between social media and healthcare quality evaluations reveals that hospital ratings submitted by patients and consumers via social media, such as Facebook’s five-star system, accurately reflect patient satisfaction and care quality as measured by readmission rates. The finding that feedback from user-generated... Read more

Executive Health Management

Study Investigates Online Physician Rating Sites’ Influence

2014 19 Feb

A new study investigating the US population’s awareness of online physician ratings sites has found that 65% of respondents are aware of these ratings, with roughly one-fourth reporting usage of these sites. The full findings are published in the February 19 issue of JAMA. Background information in the article states that while patients were increasingly... Read more

ICU Management

Algorithm Can Assist ICU Discharge Decisions

2014 21 Jan

According to a new study, an innovative intensive care unit (ICU) algorithm could assist clinicians in their decision making when it comes to discharging patients from crowded ICUs, a new study shows.Researcher Ashok Palagiri, MD, an internist at Mercy Medical Center in St. Louis, Missouri, who presented the findings at the Society of Critical Care... Read more