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IMAGING Management

Improving pneumonia diagnosis in Ugandan children

2018 09 Jul

Pneumonia is a major cause of childhood mortality and morbidity globally – particularly in resource-poor environments – and diagnosis of pneumonia can be complex. The current gold standard diagnostic technique is a chest X-ray, looking for the presence or absence of areas of consolidation on the lungs. However, this obviously exposes the patient to... Read more

Cardiology Management

U.S. study: wearable defibrillators 'safe' for children with arrhythmias

2018 27 Jun

A new analysis provides evidence on the safety and effectiveness of using wearable cardioverter defibrillators in children with ventricular heart rhythm disorders that put them at risk for sudden cardiac death. The findings are based on a review of clinical outcomes among all U.S. paediatric patients who wore wearable defibrillators between 2009... Read more