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Executive Health Management

Strategic product approval for health companies and regulators

2018 23 May

Streamlining regulation for better healthcare outcomes Rationalising product registration approval by health companies and government regulatory agencies to facilitate improved disease diagnosis and care of patients by healthcare practitioners.   In every aspect of life, being strategic is very important. This is a common word used mainly... Read more

Health Management

Visionary leadership

2018 25 Jan

Th e w a y f o r wa r d f or U S h e a l t h c a r e   Experts d r aw their conclusions on the American health sys t em and what needs to b e done to e r adica t e the many p r oblems that continue... Read more

Executive Health Management

Admit Mistakes to Curb Medical Errors

2017 23 May

Research suggests that medical errors cause over 250,000 fatalities each year. While the medical community has made efforts to encourage error disclosure for physicians and medical trainees to improve patient safety and outcomes, the guidelines fall short when addressing the social psychology of how errors are disclosed and how physicians and medical... Read more