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IT Management

Vitalis 2023

2023 22 May

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Health Management

How Imaging Generative AI Will Transform the Medical Radiological Practice

2023 22 May

Generative AI imaging has emerged as a powerful tool in radiology, allowing for the creation of highly detailed bio-models that can assist in diagnosis and treatment planning. Generative AI algorithms can generate 3D models of organs, tissues, and other structures with unprecedented accuracy and speed. This technology thus has the potential... Read more

Health Management

Learning From Each Other: An Artificial Intelligence Perspective in Healthcare

2022 08 Jul

An overview of how exchange of knowledge can advance Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare with total data privacy. Key Points Artificial Intelligence is playing an important role in taking better decisions across multiple sectors and the healthcare sector is not an exception. Rule of thumb: The larger the datasets the better... Read more

Health Management

Innovative Technologies Will Address Health System Challenges

2022 08 Jul

Innovation is the fuel for any improvement in society because technology always pushes back limitations. Thales envisions to build on its advanced expertise to meet the healthcare challenges of tomorrow. Bringing performant secure healthcare access to anyone, anywhere, will overcome critical medical issues. New Challenges After the pandemic... Read more

Health Management

Chronically Healthy, Digitally Sovereign and Sufficiently Successful

2021 20 Oct

On the Way to the Prevention Age It is time to rethink the healthcare system from the principle of digital prevention. Value creation in healthcare should not be geared to diseases, but to prevention. Prevention should be the priority. Only in this way, we achieve  crony health , digital sovereignty and sufficient success for all.... Read more

Decision Support

Value Partnerships: A Game-Changer for Healthcare

2021 25 Aug

The healthcare industry continues to face significant challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, an ageing population, and a consistent increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases are among the most urgent. Demand for quality care and delivering value to all stakeholders continue to be the primary goals for healthcare providers.   If the healthcare industry... Read more

Executive Health Management

Data Integration and Decision Support Along the Patient Pathway

2021 01 Jun

An overview of a decision support platform that offers holistic decision support along the continuum of care, bringing together a wide variety of healthcare data from diverse IT systems with a vendor-neutral design and user-friendly solutions. Key Points As healthcare processes become more digital, there has been tremendous growth in health... Read more

ICU Management

Rethinking Critical Care - Use and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

2021 22 Feb

Why digitalisation of intensive care medicine means less rather than more data Intensive Care Medicine is generating an amount of data that is hardly analysable by humans. Digitalising and using artificial intelligence has to focus on providing less rather than more data. Introduction - AI in Intensive Care Medicine: Ghost or Glimmer... Read more

Health Management

Telemedicine in Time of COVID-19

2020 03 Aug

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted the demand for telemedicine services. Not all health systems, however, were ready to switch to this new format, so some corporate providers decided to offer their telehealth platforms for free. The CEO of one such company talks about the thinking behind the step and shares his vision of telemedicine’s role in the... Read more