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CHEST Trial - BMJ Stirs Controversy Over Data Release

2016 03 Mar

Use of starch for fluid resuscitation was suspended by European and U.S. regulators following publication in the New England Journal of Medicine of the results of the CHEST trial (Myburgh et al. 2012 ), which raised safety concerns. Fresenius Kabi, which makes hydroxyethyl starch (HES) products and was a sponsor of the CHEST trial, has claimed... Read more

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Promising New Sepsis Treatment on the Horizon

2015 23 Nov

A promising new drug for sepsis will have its first clinical trials thanks to a new grant from the British Heart Foundation . The new drug, called L-257, has been shown to improve survival and reduce organ failure during sepsis in animal models. The BHF Translational Award was granted to Dr. James Leiper and his clinical collaborator Dr. Simon Lambden... Read more

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mHealth Trial Cuts Costs, Improves Access

2015 26 Oct

A new mobile technology platform enables pharmaceutical companies to do remote monitoring of patients participating in clinical trials or drug studies, according to an article in MedCity News . Developed by Science37, a company founded by a group of scientists, the new mHealth platform works like a communication device and an EHR. “It’s a totally... Read more

Cardiology Management

Best of ESC Congress 2015 - An Overview

2015 02 Sep

The ESC Congress this year broke all previous records in attendance with nearly 32,773 registrations. Delegates from all over the world attended the Congress this year, bringing forth the latest medical research and the most advanced updates in the field of Cardiology.  As pointed out by ESC President, Professor Fausto Pinto, from Portugal. 40 percent... Read more

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Google Unveils Wristband for Health Monitoring

2015 28 Jun

Google's latest gadget, a sensor-packed wristband, is designed to help medical professionals track vital signs of patients during clinical trials and drug tests. Developed by Google X, the search giant's life sciences research division, the new wristband can measure pulse, heart rhythm and skin temperature, and also other things such as light exposure... Read more

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Ensuring Radiation Safety in Clinical Trials

2015 18 Jun

Radiation experts in the UK have drawn up a new system to streamline approval process for setting up clinical trials involving radiotherapy and other forms of ionising radiation, such as PET scans. The new system provides a standardised way of assuring that exposure to ionising radiation during clinical trials remains within safe limits, while also... Read more

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Adaptive Clinical Trials - the Ethical View

2015 12 May

Adaptive clinical trials (ACTs) represent an innovative approach to trial design and conduct, where the primary goal of adaptations is to improve scientific value and statistical efficiency. In addition to having distinguishing scientific features, ACTs also may involve ethical considerations that differ from more traditional randomised controlled trials... Read more

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Physician-Pharma Conflicts of Interest Matter To Clinical Trial Participants

2015 10 Mar

New research suggests that multiple sclerosis (MS) patients are interested in knowing the details of their physicians’ financial relationships with pharmaceutical companies, and that patients’ participation in clinical trials for new MS therapies may be influenced by such disclosures. The revelation of these potential conflicts of interest to clinical... Read more

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35 Partners Join In European Research Initiative for Alzheimer’s Disease

2015 17 Jan

The European Prevention of Alzheimer's Dementia Consortium (EPAD) has announced the start of collaboration between academic and private sectors to test treatments for the prevention of Alzheimer's dementia.  The EPAD project is part of a global effort in the fight against Alzheimer's disease. It is sponsored by the European Commission and the European... Read more

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Recommendations For Clinical Studies In Rare Cancers

2014 01 Nov

One out of every five new cancer patients is diagnosed with a rare cancer. However, the clinical evidence that is required to effectively treat these rare cancer patients is quite scarce. That is mainly because clinical trials require large number of patients, and as far as rare cancers are concerned, accruing such large numbers is difficult. That... Read more