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Cardiac Care for Heart Attack Patients with Cancer History

2016 04 Dec

According to Mayo Clinic researchers, 10 percent of all patients who come to the hospital with the most severe type of heart attack have a history of cancer. They also found that this emerging subgroup of heart patients has a three times higher risk of noncardiac death. The findings are published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings.See Also: Cardio-Oncology:... Read more

Cardiology Management

Heart Failure 2017

2016 18 Oct

Heart failure: rendez-vous with the futureHeart Failure is the annual meeting of the Heart Failure Association of the ESC, established as the world's leading congress for experts in cardiology to discuss strategies for a universal approach towards prevention and the treatment of heart failure. Read more

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ESC Congress 2017 - European Society of Cardiology

2016 02 Sep

The world's largest cardiovascular congress with over 500 experts sessions and 11 000 abstracts contributing to global awareness of the latest clinical trials and breakthrough discoveries.Abstract submission will be opened online from mid-December to 14 February 2017. Read more

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Avoidable Heart Attacks in Europe

2016 31 May

According to Prof. Fausto Pinto, President of the European Society of Cardiology, many people in Europe are dying of heart disease, prematurely and unnecessarily. He feels that this is a massive tragedy that could easily be avoided. The results revealed by new mortality data show that a total of 184,000 fatal heart attacks and 94,000 fatal strokes that occurred... Read more

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European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) Europace-Cardiostim 2017

2016 10 Jan

Get the latest research discoveries, learn from renowned experts and exchange with your peers. Conducted by EHRA and the Working Groups on Cardiac Cellular Electrophysiology and  e-Cardiology, and organised in collaboration with Cardiostim. This unique partnership emphasises the multidisciplinary and translational approach in modern... Read more

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3rd Gulf EP Live

2016 05 Jan

The first edition of GULF EP LIVE was formulated and put to plan together by Dr.Mohammed Magdi and Dr.Rajin Choudhury, and was immensely supported by the Gulf Heart Rhythm Society and the Emirates Cardiac society. The European heart Rhythm Association conducted a courses in core topics of EP and Devices. Sharjah University, College of Medical Sciences... Read more

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Older Patients Receive Less Evidence-Based Cardiac Care

2015 17 May

Dr. Berglind Libungan’s doctoral thesis at Sahlgrenska Academy explores the topic of older patients and how despite the fact they are more likely to develop acute coronary syndrome than their younger counterparts, they receive less therapy and diagnostic procedures. Previous studies have also shown that older patients receive less evidence-based recommended... Read more