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Executive Health Management

An International Conference on "Cancer Science & Stem cell Research" 2019

2019 29 Jul

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Health Management

Volume 19 - Issue 3, 2019

2019 22 May

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Executive Health Management

Personalised Medicine: The road ahead

2019 22 May

How can healthcare accelerate the implementation of the science?   Where is Personalised Medicine (PM) already improving the lives of patients and what is needed to make it the standard of care across multiple conditions?     What’s your brief at the PMC?   I have a science and genetics background and bring scientific... Read more

Executive Health Management

Top Target Treatments infographic

2019 22 May

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Executive Health Management

ESMO Congress 2020

2020 19 Sep


Executive Health Management

VIII AECIMA Congress 2019

2019 16 May

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IMAGING Management

European Oncology Convention 2020

2020 17 Mar

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Cardiology Management

Cardio-oncology: managing non-heart failure toxicities

2019 27 Feb

New drugs and therapies have led to improvement in cancer patients’ survival; however, cardiovascular toxicity is a reality that impacts on the quality of life of these patients. Cardio-oncology, the multidisciplinary cardiovascular care of cancer patients, has been proposed as a new approach to improve prevention, early identification and management... Read more