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2016 17 Feb

The ability to make people follow your command may give you reason to think that you are an effective leader. But measuring your success as a leader requires a far more nuanced view, according to a strategy+business blog post by Eric J. McNulty, director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) at the Harvard School of...Read more

Executive Health Management


2021 24 Feb

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Executive Health Management


2022 28 Jan

Andy Singh is an accomplished business leader, achieving 374% growth rate when tasked with setting up the new RIWOspine U.K. subsidiary/business unit. Since January 2022 he is also the Business Development Manager USA for RIWOspine Inc, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is a neuroscientist and a published medical researcher, highly experienced in medicine...Read more

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2022 04 Oct

R-Zero, a global leader in biosafety technology announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Jennifer Nuckles as Chief Executive Officer and the Chair of the company’s Board of Directors, effective October 10. “Jennifer is a perfect fit to lead R-Zero in the next chapter of scaling the business,” said Ira Ehrenpreis, Founder and Managing...Read more

Executive Health Management


2023 23 Jan

Mahmee, a maternal healthcare company dedicated to improving health equity and empowering all families with wraparound care during the pregnancy and postpartum journey announced that it has hired Dr. Amanda P. Williams, MD, MPH, FACOG as its inaugural Medical Director. Dr. Williams is a proven leader in maternal health care, with deep experience in...Read more

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2023 08 Aug

Bringing extensive healthcare leadership and proven operational success, Myers provides invaluable insight to propel NeoLight's commitment to innovative neonatal care solutions. NeoLight, a leading provider of empathy-driven medical devices for newborn care, proudly welcomes David Myers as a Strategic Advisor to the company. With a successful...Read more