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Executive Health Management

Andy Singh - New Business Development Manager, RIWOspine GmbH

2022 28 Jan

Andy Singh is an accomplished business leader, achieving 374% growth rate when tasked with setting up the new RIWOspine U.K. subsidiary/business unit. Since January 2022 he is also the Business Development Manager USA for RIWOspine Inc, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He is a neuroscientist and a published medical researcher, highly experienced in medicine... Read more

Executive Health Management

The King's Fund - Trust & Transparency in Health Care

2021 24 Feb

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IMAGING Management

Key Traits of the 360-Degree Leader

2017 15 May

While the opportunities or ability to achieve full leadership potential may not be possible for each radiologist, the core leadership qualities of the 360-Degree Leader may be applied by anyone, at any career level, to better manage their team, stay focused on vision, and navigate difficult situations, according to an article in press in Journal of the... Read more

Executive Health Management

3 Ways to Measure Your Leadership Success

2016 17 Feb

The ability to make people follow your command may give you reason to think that you are an effective leader. But measuring your success as a leader requires a far more nuanced view, according to a strategy+business blog post by Eric J. McNulty, director of research at the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI) at the Harvard School of... Read more