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2016 31 Aug

Researchers from Finland, U.S, France and beyond created a pilot of four clusters of indicators to compare Health IT across 38 countries.. Findings are published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association. Each country has a different approach towards Health IT. However, in a paper from the Organization for Economic Cooperation...Read more

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2016 12 Sep

A new interoperability benchmark and measurement model for assessment of performance and progress is set to launch at the start of 2017.   The model was established at last month’s KLAS Cornerstone Summit in Utah and is a collaborative initiative devised by industry representatives based on the 2016 Interoperability KLAS study design.  ...Read more

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2016 19 Sep

A standards body has said that in order for healthcare IT security to succeed it has to align with the overall activities of an organisation if it has any chance of being effective. The chief of the Baldrige PerformanceExcellence Program just launched under the umbrella of The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), says that...Read more

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2016 18 Oct

  The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has announced its final rule codifying modifications and requirements under the ONC Health IT Certification Programme. The initiative is part of an effort to upgrade the transparency and accountability of certified HIT. It has also been devised to protect the health...Read more

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2016 31 Oct

  According to a report on Health Data Management the 2016 IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index , the healthcare sector has just moved into first position in the list of industry most threatened by cyberhacking.   The same report said that there had been 100 million health records compromised.   Experts believe that one key...Read more

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2016 31 Oct

  Healthcare tech merger and acquisition activity along with general healthcare was down in the third quarter of 2016 says Healthcare IT News.   According to Healthcare M&, generally, in comparison with Q2, the volume of deals dropped 11 percent to 369 transactions.   In healthcare technology side, biotechnology and medical devices...Read more

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2016 07 Nov

A new survey shows that healthcare Chief information officers (CIOs) said they’re more likely to increase their 2017 budgets than IT professionals in other sectors.   According to a new  Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO survey , out of 190 companies that replied to the survey on HIT spending, there were the following results: 52 percent of HIT CIOs...Read more

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2016 07 Nov

    A new survey shows that in spite of almost guaranteed annual pay increases, health IT staff still expect higher salaries and the gender gap is still wide.   The annual’s survey shows that while the mean salary is $93, 000, many healthcare IT staff want an increase. Meanwhile, the 2016 Health IT Salary Report puts the average...Read more

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2016 15 Nov

According to analytics firm Burning Glass Technologies, it is hardest to find staff with the necessary skills to fill Cloud Security roles. This is important for hiring managers to take note of as the time it takes to cloud security roles, for instance, is more than three months. This works out as 19 days longer than it takes to fill...Read more

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2016 18 Nov

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and the College of Health Information Management Executives (CHIME) announced a pivotal agreement to jointly partner on all programs and professional communities outside of North America.  Through HIMSS-CHIME International, healthcare information technology’s (HIT) two most visible and successful...Read more

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2016 21 Nov

Award-winning CIOs have got to be doing something right when it comes to management of their teams. Whether they take care of a small rural team of a sprawling department, the winners of Healthcare IT News 2016 Best Hospital IT Departments all have an approach that leads to happy staff and efficient operations. How do they do it?   Ed Kopetsky,...Read more

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2016 15 Dec

Drew Ivan was one of the winners in the recent ONC Blockchain Ideation Challenge which focused on use of the technology in healthcare security. He is Director of Business Technology at Orion Health.   Drew answered the question: What are the top potential benefits of using Blockchain technology to secure healthcare records?...Read more

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2017 16 Feb is excited to introduce our new Editor-in-Chief for Healthcare IT. Christian Lovis, MD, MPH, FACMI, has taken over the role from Christian Marolt who has stepped into the position of Executive Director at   Lovis is head of the Division of Medical Information Sciences, University Hospitals of Geneva and...Read more

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2017 07 May

  The relationship between finance and IT can be a delicate one that varies from hospital facility to hospital facility. We have entered a time where traditional IT cycles have shortened dramatically. The situation is even made more complex by a fast-changing landscape, consolidation of the market on one side and emerging technologies and swiftly-growing...Read more

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2017 07 May

Value Based Healthcare and HIT   It has been more than 10 years since Michael E. Porter  and Elizabeth Teisberg published their seminal book Redefining Health Care, which laid down the foundation for the revolutionary and evolutionary concept of Value Based Healthcare (VBHC).   Both starting and ending with the patient experience, VBHC has...Read more

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2017 09 Aug

Technology plays a big role in revolutionising healthcare management. As IT investment continues to grow, it will be good to know which software and tech trends are dominating the medical field. Patient scheduling software, smartwatches that detect heart disease and marketing automation tools are among the major software and tech trends that...Read more

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2017 04 Oct

The focus on value-based healthcare has spawned some strategic IT challenges, including the need to improve data management for reporting and analytics requirements. Take for example the case of Orlando Health, an eight-hospital health system based in Orlando, Florida, which joined the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) in 2013. The health system...Read more

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2017 24 Nov

Rapid changes in the general populace and in the states of health and well-being, largely driven by technological advancements such as the Internet of Things, are prompting providers to adopt innovative ways to improve outcomes and deliver value. For instance, a new report predicts that by the end of 2020, 25 percent of data used in medical care...Read more

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2018 25 Jan

T e c h n o l o g y i s ch a n g i n g t h e f a ce o f m e d i c a l l a bo r a t o r y o p er a t i o n.   As healthca r e t echnology advan c es, medical labo r atories need to k eep   ahead of th e...Read more

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2018 02 May

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2018 08 May

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2018 05 Mar

Giant tech company Apple, maker of the health-tracking tool Apple Watch, continues its foray into healthcare by creating in-house clinics and health service for company employees. Apple says its primary care health clinics, called AC Wellness, will provide a “unique concierge-like healthcare experience” that is “enabled by technology”. Two healthcare...Read more

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2019 11 Feb

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2019 28 Mar

  The College of Healthcare InformationManagement Executives (CHIME) and Associazione Italiana Sistemi Informativi in Sanità (AISIS) have announced that they have opened a CHIME chapter in Italy . This is the first CHIME chapter to be launched in Europe and the second international chapter to be established under CHIME. You might also...Read more

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2020 16 Jun


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2019 10 Jun

As the healthcare sector undergoes digital transformation, what does this mean for the contribution the CIO is making to his or her organisation? A report published by MedCityNews identifies five factors that are shaping the changing role of the CIO in healthcare.   You might also like: Move over CIO: enter Chief Digital Officer...Read more

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2020 30 Sep


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2022 26 Apr

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2019 06 Aug

Consumerism is a growing trend in healthcare , which is not surprising given the industry's shift towards value-based care model. As a result, patient expectations have changed. Taking cues from their interactions with other services industries (e.g., food and travel), patients now demand "better" services from healthcare providers, including higher...Read more

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2020 31 May

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