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2021 29 Dec

In Current Medical Science , researchers at Huazhong University of Science and Technology discuss a patient-centric technical framework integrating artificial intelligence, blockchain, and wearable technology in chronic disease management.  Wearable technology can record and monitor physiological and metabolic parameters for disease diagnosis...Read more

Executive Health Management


2021 17 Nov

Moderator Prof. Lluis Donoso Bach Head of Diagnostic Imaging Hospital Clínic of Barcelona University of Barcelona, Spain Editor-in-Chief IMAGING Panellists Topic: Paradigm shift to reduce cost of chronic disease Hans Erik Henriksen CEO Epital Health Denmark Topic: The psychosocial effects of the COVID-19 pandemic...Read more

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2021 20 Oct

Resources and costs associated with the treatment of chronic diseases account for more than 80% of total healthcare costs in many countries. As our population grows older and with more lifestyle issues and obesity among younger generations, the challenge of chronic diseases will increase in the coming years. New research documents that a new approach...Read more

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2020 30 Nov

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2020 30 Nov

An overview of a developmental model the authors have been working on for the past two years with a focus on chronic disease management and support for patients who are labile or highly reactive to changes in their environmental conditions. Key Points Global healthcare systems are struggling to manage the growth in chronic...Read more

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2017 26 Feb

Providing support to patients in managing their chronic conditions not only leads to improved care outcomes, but also enables hospitals to save money in the form of avoided readmission penalties. These are among the key findings of a new study by communications firm West. See Also : Physician Leadership: 3 Ways to Develop Preventable hospital...Read more