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Preparing the Next Generation of Radiologists

2021 17 May

Seasoned professionals share their insight into the transition from residency and fellowship training to independent radiology practice.  You might also like:  A survey study, carried out by Swiss researchers, indicates that medical trainees regard AI as a potential threat to diagnostic radiology, making them hesitant to specialise in imaging... Read more

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Online Rapid-Response Ultrasound COVID-19 Training

2020 13 Apr

Lung ultrasound, compared to other imaging methods, is a simpler and more convenient way to assess COVID-19 pneumonia. In particular, US scans can be taken at the patient bedside, making it a critical tool for clinicians in deciding treatment plans.   You might also like: RSNA Publishes COVID-19 Consensus Reporting   A free online course,... Read more

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Free Online COVID-19 Educational Resources for Healthcare Workers

2020 30 Mar

As the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, many healthcare workers are faced with previously unknown situations and lack of essential skills. To assist those in need of additional information, a number of organisations around the world are launching special online educational resources.      If you want to share your experience and perspective... Read more

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The Role of EIT Health in Training the European Health Workforce

2019 13 Nov

Summary: EIT Health, a network organisation supported by the European Union, is addressing the impact technology is having on both healthcare employees and end user patients through innovative training that upskills the health workforce and improves patient care. EIT Health is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) established... Read more

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Innovative Technologies for Improved Healthcare

2019 02 Oct

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices. But while we believe in striving forward with successful technologies, at the same time, we recognise the need to look at existing processes first and identifying how hospitals can synchronise and standardise these processes. The goal is optimisation so that we can... Read more

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Staff Training Urgently Needed for Healthcare Cybersecurity

2019 27 Aug

In healthcare, digitalisation is playing increasingly more important role in streamlining processes and workflows to improve patient care. Electronic health records (EHRs), for example, make it easier for clinicians to store and retrieve important patient data. It is estimated that nearly 86% of office-based physicians now use EHRs, according to... Read more

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The way forward for critical care ultrasound

2018 12 Jun

 The X-Porte’s touchscreen control and excellent image resolution offer significant benefits for time-critical care   Ultrasound technology is playing a key role in the diagnosis and treatment of critical care patients at Watford Hospital, part of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust. Dr Devaraja Acharya, Consultant in Anaesthesia and... Read more

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Point-of-care ultrasound an integral part of emergency care at St Mary’s

2018 11 May

St Mary's Hospital relies on a SonoSite X-Porte to perform FAST scanning of trauma patients St Mary's Hospital is one of London's four major trauma centres, and uses point-of-care ultrasound extensively in the assessment of patients visiting its extremely busy A&E department. Dr Ehsan Hassan, a consultant in emergency medicine with a special... Read more

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The Recertification Process of a Chest Pain Unit (CPU)

2017 21 Aug

With chest pain a leading reason for an emergency room visit, what is new in training and recertification processes for chest pain units? The chest pain syndrome remains a single leading cause for contacting an emergency unit (Hollander, et al. 2016). Chest pain units (CPU) are specialised units in the emergency room that handle patients... Read more