The customer's orientation towards an innovation perspective The philosophy of Tecnimed is to create revolutionary and intelligent products on the basis of the exigencies felt by the Customers, with particular care to the health protection products. For this reason Tecnimed is a pioneer and its products make the leadership in their sector. THERMOFOCUS® is the first and the most advanced “non-contact” clinical thermometer in the world. In order to take a body temperature it is only necessary to approach THERMOFOCUS® to the forehead at the distance indicated from its optical aiming system.

It can take also the room and the objects temperature, as well as the skin temperature (very useful to find inflammations, blood circulation problems, etc). THERMOFOCUS® is a very hygienic and comfortable thermometer for family and hospital. It has been widely used in airports, hospitals and schools during SARS and SWINE FLU. The very brand new thermometer is now the VISIOFOCUS®, the evolution of THERMOFOCUS®. With the VISIOFOCUS® thermometer, you can take your baby's temperature at first sight, as it is designed to project the body temperature value on the forehead: it simply reveals the body temperature without even touching the skin.You can very simply get the VISIOFOCUS® close to your baby’s forehead and in half second the temperature will be shown on the forehead. MOSQUITO-CLICK® is the revolutionary treatment against mosquitoes bites, working through small electrical impulses. International patents pending.