Medical thermometer / electronic THERMOFOCUS® 01500A/H1N1 TECNIMED

Medical thermometer / electronic THERMOFOCUS® 01500A/H1N1 TECNIMED

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Thermofocus 01500A/H1N1 is specifically studied for being used in hospitals, airports, schools, factories, etc. in case of emergency and/or pandemic situations. This model is particularly quick, accurate and easy to use, allowing a fast and hygienic temperature reading for thousands of consecutive measurements. 01500 A/H1N1 is provided with the MQCS technology (Manual Quick Calibration System), through which the thermometer is always perfectly stabilized to the ambient temperature and ready to take series of measurements. Thermofocus 01500A/H1N1 comes with a special lanyard with additional brief instructions, which allows to safely carry the device in order to use it anytime its needed.
  • Measurement method:electronic
  • Applications:medical
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