Medical thermometer / electronic 0800H5 TECNIMED

Medical thermometer / electronic 0800H5 TECNIMED

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Thermofocus® 0800H5 model is the non contact infrared thermometer specifically designed to be used in a hospital or clinic environment. It takes instantaneous body temperature readings, in a hygienic and accurate way. The automatic and manual quick calibration systems (respectively AQCS and MQCS) ensure the correct working of the device, even when the thermometer is moved through environments having different temperatures or used by operators working on ambulances. The Air conditioning function neutralizes the effects that air conditioning may have on forehead temperature Moreover, through the Nurs and Doct settings, the device recognizes two different modes of use: that of nurses in wards and that of doctors in clinic or emergency room. These settings, by helping with the MQCS calibration system and requiring it only if necessary, are meant to optimize the devices resources and functionality. Thermofocus 0800H5 is equipped with the display backlight function (for 2 seconds after the last reading), that allows the user to take measurements also in the dark, without disturbing a sleeping patient by turning the light on. In order to facilitate its use, the device is equipped only with the face button (to take body temperature readings) and lightbulb button (for the display backlight). The home button, available on previous versions, has been removed in order to make the operators work easier. Anyway, it is still possible to take readings on surfaces using the face button, keeping in mind that these measurements must be considered as relative rather than absolute values (they will show the difference between two close or symmetrical areas).
  • Applications:medical
  • Measurement method:electronic
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