Developing Cardiology Device Reliability of 37 Years in Diagnostic Cardiology Device For the Frontend Care Kenz is a well-established brand for medical device and software in Cardiology from the manufacturer SUZUKEN COMPANY, Japan since 1975. SUZUKEN has constructed an integrated system for the in-house development, production, direct marketing and OEM supply of Cardiology products in global wide. - Electrocardiograph [Resting, Stress Test and Holter System]

- Blood Pressure Monitor, Stethoscope - Sleep Apnea Monitor - Blood Warmer from the manufacturer Elltec Company The Kenz Cardico electrocardiographs and the Cardy Holter electrocardiographs have a sterling reputation for their durability with technologically advanced performance and dependable reliability. Kenz products are directly sold in Japan and supplied through the global partners in over 50 nations around the world, including the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, and various Asian countries.