Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel / with touchscreen Cardico PC1201 Suzuken Company

Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel / with touchscreen Cardico PC1201 Suzuken Company
Cardico PC1201

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Budget and Hight-end Featured 12ch ECG Features Easy operation Color touch screen for easy operation ECG recording can be started or stopped by pressing the Sart/Stop button of the ECG acquisition module. Patient hookup condition can be confirmed by the LED indicator of the ECG acquisition module (Green: ready for recording, Orange: lead off) Performance Microsoft Windows based PC can be utilized as a high performance ECG. ECG data can be transmitted via LAN or wireless LAN. Large internal and external memory based on PC specifications e.g. 1,000 ECG/GB Storing image data in PDF, JPEG and PNG that can be sent out by email. PC based ECG device facilitates connection with hospital information system. User selectable display size: ECG waveform display can be enlarged by choosing a PC with a larger display. Economy Paperless management: ECG data along with patient information can be viewed and stored in the PC without printing. If necessary, the ECG recording data can be retrieved for printing via a remote printer connected with the PC wired or wirelessly. Easy maintenance and long term use by just replacing with a new PC to reinstall the Cardico PC1201 software. No need another PC to connect with hospital information system Portability Compact and lightweight tablet PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher OS can be used to install the Cardico PC 1201 ECG software.
  • Type:digital
  • Number of channels:12-channel
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461-0015 Nagoya, Aichi
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