Digital electrocardiograph / 3-channels ECG 305 Suzuken Company

Digital electrocardiograph / 3-channels ECG 305 Suzuken Company
ECG 305

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Compact and lightweight Weighing only 1.5kg, inclusive of a built-in rechargeable battery for superior portability. Large data storage capacity Internal memory for maximum 200 resting ECG and optional removable USB memory media. Data transmission ECG data with patient information can be transmitted via LAN port. Export in XML data format is possible. Diverse recording formats Single channel, Single channel + rhythm lead, 3 channels and long-term recording. Maximum 24 seconds of ECG per lead can be recorded. Measurements ECG measurements can be output to support physician's diagnosis. Barcode and magnetic card scanning options Optional barcode or magnetic card reader can be connected. Large display 5.7 inch touch screen to display a full alphanumeric keyboard to enter patient information and preview of 12 lead ECG waveforms. And an optional external PC keyboard can be connected to the ECG 305.
  • Type:digital
  • Number of channels:3-channels
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461-0015 Nagoya, Aichi
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