Thanks to a highly experienced, qualified and motivated team of engineers and technicians, Sterimed is recognized by its customers as a European leader in the field of Ethylene oxide sterilization. CAD / DESIGN Our CAD/design department, is working with 3D and 2D CAD software.

We are fully designing our installation and piece of equipment and we could support any facility layout and building design. ELECTROTECH Our ElectroTech engineers are responsible for the selections of our sensors, electrical design and architecture of our systems. SUPPLY CHAIN Our Supply chain department is working along with our other department to make sure that every piece of equipment is arriving on time and on budget, to final assembly prior to FAT tests. QUALITY Responsible to animate our quality policy within our departments and guarantee the highest level of customers satisfaction, our quality department is also responsible to issue validation and qualification protocols. MECHANICAL P&ID’s, mechanical design, support to CAD/ design department,...- our mechanical pool is responsible for the mechanical side our equipment design, as well as maintenance guide and user's manual. ISO 11135-1:2007 Sterimed technical services (STC) is able to provide any kind of service in correlated with ISO 11135-1:2007.

From training, presentation up to integration into your quality policy. Sterimed STC also proposes to revalidate your equipment following ISO 11135-1:2007 with method B or parametric release. ATmosphere EXplosives Sterimed Group has capabilities in various ex proof requirements appled in the world, from the European AtEx, or the Australian IECEX and obviously the Amercian ex proof requirement ( UL). Our equipments are design following your local regulation, for explosive atmosphere, pressure vessels and electrical regulations but also health safety requirements and pollution limits.