Sony Medical Bringing a clearer picture to hospital workflow Explore the power of visual solutions. Join us at Medica 2014, hall 10, stand H57 Throughout the stand from the pre-operative area to the surgery and education areas, we will demonstrate the power and impact visual solutions can have in the world of medicine. An enhanced imaging ecosystem Sony supports today’s medical workflow from diagnosis to surgical intervention and beyond.

The focus is on capturing, distributing and sharing high quality 2D and 3D medical images to help improve clinical decision making, learning and research. Sony assists radiologists, surgeons, consultants, assistant staff and students by drawing on decades of broadcast and professional imaging expertise to continually develop innovative technologies and products to capture clearer more precise images and ways of sharing them. This year at Medica you can take a tour of the stand and see first-hand just how these images can be captured, printed, shared and presented at different stages of a medical workflow. We will exhibit our broad portfolio of AV and IT products, MDD compliant printers, recorders, surgical monitors and cameras and for the first time show how Sony’s wider product portfolio of products can support the use of the captured 2D and 3D content further through peer-to-peer pre and post-surgical discussion, teaching and learning. Sony will showcase how its impressive range of audiovisual solutions meet the needs of the medical and healthcare facilities, assisting them in the distribution and presentation of content across a wide range of products and devices. Visitors to the stand will see how captured images from before and after surgery can be transferred or archived for use in clinical review. We will also share with you our vision of developing 4K technology with its increased resolution for use in the world of medicine and how we hope to simplify the distribution of 4K imaging over IP.

Learn more about the use of 4K for medical purposes from this hub, and from our specialists on the stand. Examination and Diagnosis Sony offers a range of printers and recorders giving clinicians a clearer view of images captured by a range of modalities –including ultrasound, general X-rays, CT/MRI, mammography and interventional X-rays. Sony dye sublimation and thermal printers provide clinicians with high-quality hard copies of medical images for reference and diagnosis purposes. Visit the show to experience our new printers: UP-X898MD & UP-D898MD, UP-971AD & UP-991AD and recorders, HVO-500MD & HVO-550MD. Operating Room Reflecting the increasing trend to 3D imaging, Sony now helps surgeons capture and view high-resolution stereoscopic images during minimally invasive surgery using, laparoscopic or microscopic surgery.