Since 1980 Rimec have been manufacturing advanced Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) devices for passive rehabilitation of lower and upper limbs. Reliability and competence made Rimec the sole Italian leader producer for passive rehabilitation’s field. The company can boast a capillary presence in the worldwide market and an excellent know-how, result of a long experience and continue technology breakthroughs. Rimec concept of passive rehabilitation is represented by high technology devices which “come near” to the patient. Confirming his reputation as manufacturer of top quality medical equipment, Rimec introduces on the market the “FISIOTEK 3000” series, a new line of no. 5 C.P.M.

which thanks to innovative programming software allow a greatest flexibility and personalization of rehabilitation therapy. On 2014, Rimec enriches the series of C.P.M devices for upper limbs, launching Fisiotek LT-G and Fisiotek LT-P , respectively conceived for elbow and wrist passive mobilization. CONTACTS: Sauro Neri: [email protected] Dr. Federico Carroli: [email protected] Mrs. Sabrina Ventura: [email protected]

Localita Braine, 57/A,
40036 Rioveggio (BO)
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