Knee continuous passive motion device FISIOTEK 3000 GS Rimec

Knee continuous passive motion device FISIOTEK 3000 GS Rimec

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Mobilizing the hip and the knee are undertaken by the instrument by means of movement of flexion-extension. It is operated by an uninterrupted current motor, which is managed by an electronic card, backed by a microprocessor. This is at par with other instruments of the Fisiotek 3000 series. A preset console programs all the functions from the outside. By means of the START and STOP push buttons, the device facilitates the starting and stopping of the movements of the patient, using the remote control which is handheld. All the models are characterized by the mobile programming keyboard, aiding in managing the entire set of functions, besides putting responsibilities on patients, collaborating in the rehab session. The adjustment of the limb positioning area is in accordance with the different sizes of the limbs. The length of the femur of the patient should be known, in order to allow its adjustment. The rehab session is modified on account of the new programmable characteristic. This focuses on caring for patient's clinical requirements. An advanced joint recovery is granted, according to this process.
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