Knee continuous passive motion device FISIOTEK 3000 E Rimec

Knee continuous passive motion device FISIOTEK 3000 E Rimec

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By providing movement of flexion-extension, the product helps in exercising the hip and knee. When utilized with the other equipment of Fisiotek 3000 series, the operation is done through constant current motor which is regulated by electronic card with microprocessor. Outside the device, a firm consolle is present which is capable of programming each function. It has remote control which is handy and provided with a START and STOP pushbuttons which allows the patient to start and stop the movement as required. The instrument also supplied with a choice of Mobile Programming keyboard for every model which allows controlling of all functions. It also helps in placing the function on patients which are associated with the rehab session. As per the size of limbs, the instruments allows in the adjustment of area where the limb is to be positioned. For the adjustment, the femur length of the patient is to be known. The latest programmable features facilities to customize the rehab session keeping in mind the comfort and requirements of the patient as recommended in a continuous joint recovery.
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