Ofa Bamberg ist one of the leading companies in the market for medical devices and was founded in 1928 by Otto Fankhänel in Zeulenroda, Thuringia. That is where today´s company name comes from, Ofa = O tto Fa nkhänel. In 1948 the company resettled to the Upper Bavarian town of Bamberg. Today, Ofa Bamberg belongs to INDUS Holding AG in Bergisch-Gladbach, a quoted company group comprising 40 medium-sized businesses from a variety of sectors.


The Ofa Bamberg product range includes medical compression stockings, preventive support and travel stockings, as well as a wide range of bandages and orthoses for nearly every body joint. In 2009 Ofa Bamberg also launched a wide range of compression sport socks, named O-motion, for the growing sports market. Through its latest development, the "Memory Aloe Vera", a compression stocking with Aloe Vera extracts and vitamin E, Ofa Bamberg sets standards in the market.

The stockings stand for healthy compression including skin care. Ofa Bamberg operates nation wide in Germany and Austria and also exports its products all over the world, e. g. particularly successful on the Japanese market. Ofa Bamberg GmbH Laubanger 20 96052 Bamberg Germany Phone: +49 951 6047-777 Fax: +49 951 6047-186 Internet: www.ofa.de EMail: [email protected]