Socks (orthopedic clothing) / support / woman Gilofa Style Ofa Bamberg

Socks (orthopedic clothing) / support / woman Gilofa Style Ofa Bamberg
Gilofa Style

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Nobody will believe you are wearing highly effective support stockings but you will feel the effect. Gilofa Style accompanies you during a long evening at the theatre or the opera, while you dance at an all-night party or in the colour sugar on your wedding day to complement your wedding dress. Since the most beautiful day can be fairly strenuous for your legs. Gilofa Style prevents tires, heavy or even swollen legs and is designed to fit your individual leg measurements. The fine stockings look despite the strong support they provide surprisingly transparent. And available in 9 colours, which due to their fine sheen will make your legs turn heads. Incidentally, Gilofa Style not only goes with elegant evening wear. Also while wearing business or casual clothes you will cut a fine figure with Gilofa Style.
  • Garment type:socks
  • Application:support
  • Patient type:woman
Laubanger 20,
96052 Bamberg, Germany, Postfach 14 80, 96005 Bamberg
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