Socks (orthopedic clothing) / compression / man Max Ofa Bamberg

Socks (orthopedic clothing) / compression / man Max Ofa Bamberg

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Word has got around among frequent flyers that support and compression stockings support the function of veins and are recommended for those who need to sit for long periods of time. But less known is the fact that a medical prescription for compression stockings does not mean that one is condemned to wearing flesh coloured rubber stockings. Men, in particular, often have reservations about wearing compression stockings. This need not be because today compression stockings are no longer distinguishable from other types of stocking.
  • Garment type:socks
  • Application:compression
  • Patient type:for man
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96052 Bamberg, Germany, Postfach 14 80, 96005 Bamberg
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