Sterilisation specialists since 1987 For over twenty-five years Mocom’s business has been sterilisation and nothing but sterilisation. That’s why our products are totally safe, reliable and cutting-edge. A key player in the development of the industry, we focus exclusively on the design and production of user-friendly systems that provide consistently outstanding performance. This approach ensures we’re always able to provide fast, up-to-date responses to your changing needs.

The factors that set us apart, in terms of both skill and innovation, are conscientious attention to the choice of materials, advanced technology, enforcement of strict production and quality control protocols and the wealth of experience accumulated by our qualified, specialised sterilisation system designers. These winning features ensure we provide innovative products that not only satisfy market needs but also stay one step ahead of them.

Mocom is synonymous with sterilisation. Hygiene is our credo: it is the essential element of every Mocom product, all of which have been designed to safeguard health and smooth workflows. Yet Mocom is also much more. Product quality is complemented by prompt, attentive after-sales service that provides fast delivery of spare parts and accessories, complete and easy-to-understand installation and maintenance documentation and an international network of assistance centres. Today, all these factors have made us one of the world’s leading producers of sterilisation units.