Medical thermosealer / belt Millseal Evo MOCOM

Medical thermosealer / belt Millseal Evo MOCOM
Millseal Evo

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The smooth operation of the Millseal Evo thermosealer stems from minimalist, very compact design. This unit stands out on account of simplicity and fully automatic management of the preparation phase; after setting the length and number of the bags to be prepared, all the user has to do is press the Programme key to start the procedure. Bag length and quantity can be set via the keyboard; up to two programmes can be saved. The display shows the length and number of bags. In addition to motor-powered feed, the cursor keys allow the bag length and number parameters to be set. The Cut and Seal key allows the user to confirm the parameter settings and prepare the bags traditionally. Final bag sealing can be carried out with a click. When the Programme key is pressed the thermosealer will automatically prepare the bags in the established quantity and length. It is possible to pre-programme two sets of parameters. Guaranteed to maintain sterilization performance The Millseal thermosealers are equipped with electronic control of sealing parameters (time and temperature) and ensure a 12 mm wide sealing band, well in excess of the legal requirements. Moreover, visual/acoustic indicators provide information on sealer operating efficiency.
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  • Applications:medical
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