Medical thermosealer / rotary Millseal Rolling MOCOM

Medical thermosealer / rotary Millseal Rolling MOCOM
Millseal Rolling

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This ergonomic, linearly designed thermosealer introduces a new approach to sealing in dental surgeries. With advanced technology providing an automatic procedure that is both fast and effective, it deserves nothing less than a standing ovation. Technical specifications Millseal Rolling is a roll thermosealer with an automatic photocell-controlled feed system. Offering medical-standard quality, this unit speeds up and optimises sealing of pre-cut bags sealed on 3 sides. A 15 mm sealing band ensures long-lasting sterility of bagged instruments. Temperature and pressure adjustment provides effective control over the sealing process, ensuring consistently first-rate performance. The large display allows the user to view and set working parameters simply and intuitively. Millseal Rolling is also available with an integrated printer that, during the sealing cycle, automatically prints the packaging date and expiry date on the bag, as well as the symbols required by the standards in force. This lets the user keep the sterility of the bagged material under constant control.
  • Features:rotary
  • Applications:medical
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