Company Profile About us MD Diagnostics Ltd is proud to display its established rangeof simple to use breath Carbon Monoxide monitors for Smoking Cessation and CO poisoning. Each device helps all groups of smokers of any age with one device being aimed at helping pregnant women to quit. To complement our Carbon Monoxide breathmonitors we will be showingthe CO Check DL. The DL, or data logger, is capable of monitoring Environmental CO levels in the home workplace orvehicle.130,000 datasamples can be taken and reviewed by a simple download. Results are displayed in PPM over time. New for 2015 is the RP Check for use by lung function labs and pulmonologists. This unique handheld device makes respiratory pressure measurements simple, measurements include MIPS / MEPS / MRPD & MRR. Also on display will be the H2 Check. This simple to useHydrogen breathtest device is designed to help in the diagnosing of lactose intolerance, other gastroenterology disorders and food intolerances. A wide range of consumables are available including Bacterial Filtered Mouthpieces, Cleaning Wipes and Calibration Gases for both medical and industrial use.