Carbon monoxide prenatal monitor CO Check Pro Baby MD Diagnostics

Carbon monoxide prenatal monitor CO Check Pro Baby MD Diagnostics
CO Check Pro Baby

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The CO Check Pro Baby has been designed to enable all healthcare professionals to carry out quick and simple breath tests on pregnant women that smoke and need help in quitting. A single breath from the pregnant women will not only display her Carbon Monoxide levels from smoking but it will also display the amount of Carbon Monoxide she has passed on to her unborn baby. The CO Check Pro Baby is a very emotive tool in helping a pregnant women understand the damage she is doing to her unborn baby. Carbon Monoxide levels are passed on from her to the foetus and are displayed as %FCOHb, or Foetal Carboxy-haemoglobin, that is the amount of CO in the babies blood represented as a percentage. In addition, new for 2013 the CO Check Pro Baby is now capable of detecting CO levels in the Environment (passive smoking). When the Environmental Capture is enabled, background CO levels are taken into account when carrying out a breath test. If the background levels are 10ppm for example, then when the person is taking a breath test this background reading of 10ppm will be taken into account. Environmental levels are displayed in PPM.
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