Hydrogen monitor exhaled H2 Check MD Diagnostics

Hydrogen monitor exhaled H2 Check MD Diagnostics
H2 Check

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The H2 Check can be used on all age groups of patients. Its principle use is for the simple diagnoses of Lactose Intolerance. Using a special re-breathing technique, patients are required to simply tidal breath into the H2 Check for immediate results in PPM. Lactose is a sugar found in milk. Unless it gets changed into glucose it cannot be absorbed into the body. This change happens when the Lactose passes through the stomach into the small intestine and comes into contact with something called Lactase. If there is not enough Lactase present the Lactose cannot be broken down, this in turn leads to Lactose Intolerance. As a result, the hydrogen that is produced by bacteria is absorbed through the wall of the small or large intestine. The hydrogen then travels to the lungs where it is released and exhaled in the breath where it can be measured by the H2 Check.
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