The company intra special catheters GmbH was founded in 1977. Since then, we have provided our customers worldwide with special catheters for anaesthesiological wards and departments of internal medicine, intensive care and emergency medical care, cardiology and pneumology, which offer the users numerous benefits thanks to their optimum range of safety features included and their consistently high quality.

More than ever before, the success of a product is defined by its high and consistent quality. Therefore, we put our faith in qualified staff and are committed to highly advanced production premises. Of course all our products are manufactured and sterilized in accordance with GMP. Hence, only materials of highest purity and quality are used.

Our competence is the result of long years of experience. We take up new challenges by facing them with prompt technological developments.

We believe that no product is so good that it could not be further improved. That is why innovation work is carried out in cooperation with physicians from research, universities and hospitals. intra products are used in various fields of medicine; both in pneumology, where special catheters are used to remove pathological accumulations of air and/or fluid within the pleural cavity, and in intensive care as well as cardiology for invasive measurement of arterial/venous or pulmonary pressures. Of course, we offer adequate accessories for all our special products. Our enterprise is certified in compliance with the international standards DIN ISO 13488. intra products bear the CE mark of the European Commission.