Single-lumen implantable port / plastic intra special catheters

Single-lumen implantable port / plastic intra special catheters
intra special catheters

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Implantable portable systems are used in numerous procedures. Oncology patients with interval perfusion, continuous infusion, and ambulatory chemotherapy can benefit from implantable portable systems. It is used for blood sampling for diagnostic and substitution of blood or blood particles. It is also used on patients who have vessel anatomy that’s tricky. It is used for long-term and/or home parenteral nutrition. Easy subcutaneous port, POM ports, biocompatible and lightweight ports and the port is also 7 bar pressure proof. If necessary the pre connect silicone radiopaque catheter can disconnected and/or shorted. Graduated venous catheter and anatomical port are easier to implant. (NaCl) block Titanium is much lighter than stainless steel and contains no nickel, nor is it magnetic so safer for special situations.
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