Pericardial aspiration set intra special catheters

Pericardial aspiration set intra special catheters
intra special catheters

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The device is used in diagnosing nosocomial pneumonia using the technique bronchoscopic or the blind dry aspiration. This system is used during the patient's artificial respiration phase. During most cases, the patient develops pneumopathy in his lower lung area. With this, the device can provide fast and protected method in identifying the problem directly and immediately administer suitable antibiotics for the patient. When this occurs, treatment should not be put on hold until patient develops fevers since this increases the risk for serious complications, especially when it is known that these cases has a high mortality rate among patients. With the device's intra-bronch, the risk for bacteria resistance is significantly reduced to a minimum since preventive measures can immediately be taken once the problem is identified. Using a direct microscopic examination, using a wide spectrum antibiotic therapy can eventually be avoided. One advantage of the device is that biopsy can be done using a one catheter system only. In most cases, physicians can make use of this system directly.
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