Herniamesh S.r.l. An Italian company that produces and sells, via its worldwide distributor network, monofilament polypropylene meshes for hernia repair and female urinary incontinence. The Herniamesh founder is prof. Ermanno Trabucco,excellent surgeon and creator of the now famous hernia repair technique “Tension-free” of the same name. Herniamesh prosthesis are the consolidated result of decades of research and development by Prof. Trabucco in the field of hernioplasty, thus ensuring an anatomically and functionally correct product.

The central, absorbable section of the meshes for female urinary incontinence, rather, renders the T-Sling range, created and patented by Prof. Arnaldo Trabucco, urologist and son of Prof. Ermanno, is unique and innovative. Herniamesh makes use of a strict scientific collaboration with the academic and hospital spheres via important Universities and Research Centres, maintaining its high level company profile and its product quality level.

Herniamesh guarantees the quality of its products by dedicating careful attention to each stage of the production process within a certified Quality management programme. All the products are manufactured with respect to the objectives of the Herniamesh Quality System, in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2004, bear the CE markings released for the purposes of Appendix 2 to the European Directive 93/42/CEE, and the approval 510(k) released by the FDA for sale on the US market.